Team Embedded

Team Embedded is dedicated to help customers get the best out of embedded Linux.

The company's assets include people with industry knowledge of deploying embedded Linux in consumer products.

An increasing number of consumer device manufacturers demand support of publicly available software components instead of licensed and proprietary software, simply because of cost savings and decreasing development time and thus time to market of their products.

The number of publicly available software components is vast, making it difficult to select and focus on the right components that will emerge.

We believe that SoC vendors can become more competitive by making a smart selection and deliver strategic support for these software components.

The founders of Team Embedded use their combined 25 years of experience in the industry to:

  • Help SoC and device vendors to define their software support proposition in terms of architecture, component selections, and roadmap;
  • Guard the quality in terms of maintainability, extensibility/ flexibility; properties that enhance the time-to-market of the supporting software;
  • Provide (software) support to customers as part of a customer support team;
  • Do feasibility studies and/or proof-of-concept implementations.